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It is important to share some basic information ABOUT US. Our team is unique in it's structure.  We have two FRC teams (70 and 494) who build robots together, but compete separately.  We do most all of our Activities together except for competitions; therefore, our structure requires a team commitment to Coopertition.  We have supported FIRST since 2001 (Team 494's Rookie Year).  Many of our mentors have remained with our team long after their own son or daughter has graduated.  Many alumni have returned to visit when in town or to help mentor their alma mater.  One of our current students is rumored to have said "We don't DO Robotics, we LIVE Robotics"!


Out team's goal is to learn, to have fun, and to have a positive impact

on the future.  Our Mantra is "connect, collaborate, and create".



FIRST Website This is General Motors' Website. They are one of our team sponsors. This is Goodrich High School's Website. They are one of our team sponsors.

We wish to extend a special thank you to our Team Sponsors!